How To Know If Your Friends Girlfriend Likes You

Need to know how to know if your friend’s girlfriend likes you? This can be a very delicate situation, when the girl that likes you is your friend's girlfriend especially if this is your best friend. Is your friend's girlfriend showing you way to much attention, making little flirty comments towards you behind your friend's back? This could be quite a dilemma if you like your friend’s girl and he’s really into her as well or maybe you are just hoping you are wrong about her and your friend is not involved with the town's tramp.  Do you keep quiet and keep your friendship intact or do you risk losing your friend by saying something? Well whatever your decision is this should at least make it clear to you, if your friend’s girlfriend likes you.

  1. She stares at you. When you are around your friend and his girlfriend do you ever catch her staring at you? Then she turns away quickly so you want notice her looking at you, even though you did notice her.

  2.  She secretly flirts with you. She says things like I can’t believe you are single. Your friend girlfriend asks you what kind of girl are you looking for and why you are single. Of course she waits for the right moment to flirt with you after your friend steps out of the room.

  3. Your friend’s girlfriend tries to include you in their plans. Invites you along on dates, with her and her boyfriend for example you all want to go see the same movie, she might suggest you tag along with them. Just so she can be around you.

  4. His girlfriend pretends to befriend you for the sake of her boyfriend. She might try and call you on the phone and use the excuse she is just trying to get to know her boyfriend friend’s. Maybe her friend’s and some of his friends can have a little gathering. That’s just her excuse to call you, but she has a hidden agenda; she likes you and not trying to be too obvious, until she knows if you like her to.

  5. Body contact. She might accidently brush up against you, then say excuse me with a sneaky little look on her face. That’s to let you know she likes you and it wasn’t an accident that her boob rubbed up against you. She might even give you a friendly little hug in front of your friend so he’ll think it’s totally innocent even though you know when she caressed your back it was anything, but innocent.

Remember this is your friend’s girlfriend and regardless if you are attracted to her and she is making it hard to resist her advances is it worth losing your friend over. Unless, you know for a fact your friend is really not interested in his girlfriend and plans to break-up with her anyway. That will change the situation a bit, but you may want to talk with your friend first before making any moves or at least wait until they breakup which shouldn’t cause any problem if your friend breaks up with her.

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