How To Know If Your Girlfriend Is Gay

If you have suspicions that your girlfriend might be gay, then look for the signs of how to know if your girlfriend is gay. Some of the signs can be discrete, so you need to really look for them. If you pay close attention you will be able to to know if she is gay. Look for these signs to know if your girlfriend is gay.

  1. She doesn't want to have sex. There are many different reasons why a woman might not be want to have sex, but being gay is one of them. One of the ways to know your girlfriend is gay is if she is never interested in regular sex, but always wants you to give her oral sex. To know if your girlfriend is gay, be on the look out for her treating you like a friend in the bedroom instead of a boyfriend.
  2. She always comments on other women's looks. It is normal for a woman to comment on another women's looks, but it is not normal for her to do it all the time. For example, if your girlfriend, comments on the way another girl's ass looks, then she might be gay. If she is always commenting on how she likes other girl's boobs or how she wishes her boobs where like other girl's boobs, then your girlfriend might be gay.
  3. She bad mouths other gays. One of the biggest ways that people try to hide the fact that they are gay is to bad mouth other gay people. To know if your girlfriend is gay, be on the lookout for her bad mouthing gays. If she is confident in her own sexuality, she will not be doing this.  
  4. She finds excuses to touch women. Just because your girlfriend touches another girl once, it does not mean she is gay. However, if she is always finding an excuse to touch women then you know your girlfriend is gay. You have to pay attention, because she might be subtly doing this. Look for her to "accidently" brush up against another women, or for her to rub her hand through another girl's hair.
  5.  She wants to have a threesome. When your girlfriend tells you that she wants to have a threesome, you first reaction is probably going to be excitement. However, this should raise suspicious in your mind that your girlfriend is gay. Generally, straight women, don't want to share their man with anyone else. Think about it, if she wants to get naked with other women, then common sense should tell you that your girlfriend is gay.
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