How to Know If Your Girlfriend Is Lying

Ever wondered exactly how to know if your girlfriend is lying? Well, there are easy ways in which you can tell if she is being deceptive. There are little signs and significant actions that are done when a girl is trying to hide something. Small changes in attitude and facial expressions can be all that is needed to figure out if your girlfriend is lying.

  1. The first thing you will notice when your girlfriend is lying are her eyes. The eyes are "portals to the soul," as some believe, and cannot hide a person's true intentions or feelings. An individual who is honest can easily make eye contact when they are talking to you. If she has problems looking into your eyes, there is a strong possibility that she is not being completely honest.
  2. Many people say that truth is stranger than fiction, and it is often true. Individuals who lie tend to fill in every blank, dot every "i" and cross every "t." If your girlfriend is lying, she will conveniently have her story put together with no possible room for questioning. This is an extremely important indicator of a person's dishonesty. This is the second indication of a lie. Truths often have lots of room for questioning, contrary to what some may believe.
  3. Anger is the next indicator of your girlfriend's lies. When she has explained her answer with extensive detail and you have questioned her authenticity, she may respond in anger. Becoming easily irate is a sure indication of her fear of being caught in the lie. After your girlfriend becomes angry, she may start to make clumsy mistakes. Along with her mishaps, her hands may begin to shake. You may want to pay close attention to her forgetfulness and incessant babbling. When a girl becomes nervous, as in this case, she often talks a lot and exhibits fake cheerfulness to mask her insecurities from lying.
Following these indications, it should be fairly easy to know when your girlfriend is lying. Most or all of these symptoms will be present in most cases and will help you to understand exactly what you are dealing with.
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