How To Know If Your Girlfriend Wants Sex

Your girlfriend enjoys time with you on dates and wonderful conversations but there is one piece missing, how to know if your girlfriend wants sex. The signs may be clear as day or you are just oblivious to her clues. Either way read on to know if she wants to burn things up between the sheets or want to wait a little longer.

  1. Suggest different places to do the naughty. You will know if your girlfriend wants sex whenever she mentions where she likes to have sex, for example, at a public park, in the car, or back of a in a back row of an almost empty movie theatre. If she excited by the thoughts of performing sexual acts in these places, she wants sex.
  2. Watch erotic movies on TV. It is late night and you are both in bed turning the channels, and among those channels, she sees an erotic movie. She is obviously turned on by what she sees and thinking about sex. Use that opportunity to start kissing, touching and initiate sex.
  3. Notice her body language. A person body's language is unspoken actions and if your girlfriend has fire in her eyes when speaking with you, rubbing your inner thighs or playfully grabs your buttocks or groping your penis, there is no reason to wonder if sex is on her mind, because chances are, it is.
  4. Be honest and ask. Skip the guessing game and bluntly ask if she wants sex. She will inform you if she ready for sexual intimacy or not. A simple question is all the answer you need instead of tiptoeing around it looking for hints.
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