How To Know If Your Girlfriend Will Cheat On You

How to know if your girlfriend will cheat on you? Well you can find the warning signs of a dishonest girlfriend here. Some of these may be warning signs of cheating while others may be verification that you have a great girl.

  1. What is your girlfriend's opinion on cheating? If you have been dating for a while I am sure that at some point in time the topic of cheating has came up in conversation. If your girlfriend is clearly against cheating it is highly unlikely that she would ruin her entire reputation for a night of fun. However, if your girlfriend says that she understands sometimes cheating is OK you may want to ask some more questions about those thoughts.
  2. Pay attention to what her friends are like, and what her opinions are of them. If she has a lot of respect for a girlfriend that you know cheats often then she probably doesn't think cheating is a big deal. If she is always ranting about how her friend is such a low life because she is always dishonest with her boyfriend then you can bet that she is a girl who believes honesty is going to be the best policy. You may not always be who you hang out with, but her reactions to those around her can tell you a lot.
  3. Does she have a past of cheating on her boyfriends? If you know that she has cheated multiple times in the past, then you need to use your judgment on her reaction to her past indiscretions.  If she laughs when you talk about them, or if she brags about them then you need to really think about how much respect she really has for other people's feelings. If she has cheated in the past and is clearly ashamed of it, maybe she learned her lesson.
  4. Does your girlfriend often complain about a variety of issues within your relationship? If it feels like nothing you ever do is enough to fully satisfy her then do you think that she may try to go get those needs met with another man? Some women truly cannot be happy within a monogamous relationship because they feel that no man can fulfill all of their needs. If your girl seems to never be satisfied there is a chance that she feels she needs someone else to help meet her other needs.
  5. Your girlfriend starts to go out without you more often, and sometimes won't even say where she is going. Chances are that your girlfriend desires more space and more privacy from you and that she is not planning to be faithful. Of course the longer you are with your girlfriend the more distance will grow in some areas of your life, but if she won't tell you where she is going that is a very bad sign! But if it is near your birthday time or Christmas maybe you're just being paranoid.
  6. Your girlfriend hides her phone, keeps her computer password protected and deletes everything before you touch her gadgets? You may have a cheater on your hands. Some people are just weird when it comes to personal privacy, but when you are in a relationship there is a certain level of trust where they can see some texts or emails without you feeling like your privacy is being invaded.
  7. If you try to ask questions does your girlfriend get overly defensive? If you do finally try to probe your girlfriend about where she is going, who she is with and who she talks to and she reacts with a lot of yelling and dramatic behavior then chances are that is a guilty conscious taking over the conversation.

Again, some of these signs could just be because your girlfriend is not a typical girlfriend. We all do have our strange quirks, but be sure not to ignore too many signs or else you may be making her cheating even easier! Also, be careful to not over analyze everything that your girlfriend says or does. She may have a secret, but maybe it is because she is trying to do something sweet for you!

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