How To Know If You’re A Bisexual Man

If you are wondering how to know if you are a bisexual man, this is probably a fairly confusing time in your life. Simply put, "bisexual" means you have the ability to love and get to know members of both sexes on a physical, emotional and intimate level. What makes defining yourself as a bisexual man so difficult is that your preferences may change over time. You may find yourself only physically turned on by males one moment and only physically turned on by females the next. The key to learning how to if you are bisexual male is to understand where your gender limitations lie.

  1. Understand you are normal and take pride in your sexual preferences. When you are deciding if you are bisexual male, the first step is to understand you are normal. There is nothing wrong or shameful about your sexual desires. In fact, these are essential keys that help make up who you are. So, whether you are gay, straight or bisexual, take pride in yourself and your lifestyle.
  2. You can have a monogamous relationship and still be bisexual. Bisexuality does not mean you are unable to have a committed monogamous relationship. Just like a heterosexual person, you can have a committed relationship that lasts a lifetime, but still define yourself as a bisexual.
  3. Do not be afraid of the label. Chances are good that you probably know if you are a bisexual man. The problem most bisexual men and women face is the term carries with it a negative connotation. While today’s modern society is becoming more open to the homosexual lifestyle, many people still view bisexuals negatively. This is just ignorance based on the opinion that bisexuals are uncommitted, sex crazed maniacs. By carrying the bisexual label and displaying it proudly, you can help dispel these myths.
  4. Let your sexuality develop. The best way know if you are a bisexual male is to just let your sexuality develop on its own accord. Do not let yourself get tied down to one label. A person’s sexual preference is not static; it is always developing and changing. So, allow yourself to grow and change along with it. This will allow you to better know yourself and understand if you are a bisexual male.
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