How To Know If You’re Her Rebound Guy

How do you know if you’re her rebound guy?  You’re seeing a new girl.  You love spending time with her. She says the same. Everything’s going great. The relationship seems perfect. But, is it a little too perfect?  If you suspect that you’re her rebound, there’s certain tell tale signs you can look for to affirm your suspicions.

  1. Are things moving incredibly fast? A major sign that she’s not over her previous guy is her willingness to move through certain relationship check points at break neck speeds. If you find yourself blowing past major stages in the relationship like having sex or meeting the parents, there’s a chance she’s trying to fill the void he left her with.  You just may be her rebound guy.
  2. Another more obvious sign is her constantly talking about how bad her ex was. If she’s still very visibly upset over issues she previously had with the old guy it means she’s still holding on to something from that life with him. Think about it. If you’re over someone, does it really matter how much of a jerk they used to be? Negatively comparing you to an ex is not a good sign either. If John used to do this better than you, and that better than you, then she’s living in the past. If her past is still her present then you’re her rebound guy.
  3. Excessive possessiveness for no obvious reasons can be another sign that you’re a rebound guy. When someone’s unfairly controlling it usually means something happened in their past to cause them to be that way.  Harboring mistrust from an old relationship that eventually bleeds over into present relationships shows that something profound happened before causing her not to trust you now.  You’ll end up being her rebound guy.
  4. Being the rebound guy can be fun if you don’t want the serious relationship. However, if you develop real feelings for her, you open yourself up to a world of pain.  Pay attention to the signs so you don’t end up being her stepping stone to another person.  Being the rebound guy is not fun when feelings are involved… especially yours. Be careful out there.
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