How To Know My Girlfriend Cheating On Me

If you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, you may want to learn about how to know my girlfriend cheating on me. This list include a few guidelines to point you in the right direction to know if your girlfriend may be cheating so here is the list of how to know my girlfriend cheating on me.

  1. Odd behavior. Is your girlfriend acting strange or different? Different behavior can sometimes mean that someone has a secret and could be cheating on you. Behavior such as not being where they say they are, working late, not wanting to be intimate and just acting different are all signs that could lead to a cheating girlfriend. Another odd behavior is suddenly having the need to dress up when normally she isn't into putting on makeup all of the time or being impeccably dressed.
  2. Lying. If your girlfriend is lying about any of the above then this could be a sign they are cheating. One of the most basic lies is not being where they are supposed to be such as saying she has to work late and you finding out that she doesn't, which leads us to:
  3. Strange hours. If your girlfriend is keeping odd hours lately such as having to work late when they never had to before or having to be somewhere more than usual, these could be a clue that she is keeping something from you such as cheating.
  4. Hiding things. If your girlfriend suddenly starts hiding things from you this might be an indication of cheating. For instance, does she suddenly have a password to her computer? Does she hide her text messages or leave the room to take calls? These are all indications that at the very least, something is going on.
  5. Less intimacy. Like stated before, being less intimate when it wasn't an issue before doesn't always mean she is cheating but it can be an indication of cheating. If she is with someone else now, her intimacy needs are being met so if she suddenly doesn't want to hold hands, cuddle, kiss you or have sex, it can be that she is cheating.

None of these guidelines necessarily mean your girlfriend is cheating but they can be a good way of knowing how to get to the bottom of things. To learn about how to know my girlfriend cheating is at least a way of being proactive and finding out what to look for in a girlfriend cheating.

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