How To Know The Names Of Rolls In Craps

The fun and excitement of craps can be heard in just about any corner of the casino, but if the only things that is stopping you from playing is looking like an amateur, maybe it’s time for you to learn how to know the names of the rolls in craps. Superstitious craps players think that male “virgins” to the game are bad luck, while female “virgins” to the game are good luck. So if you want to play craps, but want to avoid mean stares form other players, learn some craps jargon and fake your way through, or go buy a dress (and probably get those stares anyway).

  1. Snake eyes. Slang for when someone rolls two ones. You probably know this one since it’s used outside of craps a lot.
  2. Ace-Deuce or Acey-Deucey. Slang for when a one and two are rolled.
  3. Hard four, six, eight or ten. When any of these numbers are arrived at by rolling two of the same number. For example, rolling two twos is a hard four and two threes is a hard six.
  4. Easy four, six, eight or ten. When these numbers are rolled in any manner that is not a “hard” one.
  5. Fever Five. Slang for when the dice total five.
  6. Nina. Slang for when nine is rolled.
  7. Yo or Yo-leven. Slang for when eleven is rolled.
  8. Boxcars. Used when two sixes are rolled. Like Snake eyes, this is used outside of craps so you might be familiar with it.
  9. There are some lesser used terms, like Brooklyn Forest (3 and 3), OJ (3 and 2) or Ozzie and Harriet (4 and 4). It is best to avoid these until you get a feeling of what the other players are using for slang.


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