How To Know Someone Is Taking Steroids

Want to know how to know someone is taking steroids?  There are actually a great number of ways to do this, ranging from physical, social, and psychological patterns.  Also, being aware of these signs will help you allow someone to receive much-needed help if this is true.  Take the following considerations into account to help determine if someone is taking steroids.

  1. Observe physical changes.  Physical changes in a steroid user are great in number.  While obvious signs are rapidly increased muscle size, there are several others.  For instance, skin abnormalities, including acne, development of breast tissue, and infections, are a common indicator of steroid use.  Hair loss, hunger, fluid level changes, weight gain, lack of energy, and difficulties in urination represent some of the many other possible physical side effects to indicate steroid use.
  2. Psychiatric signs can also be present.  Serious psychiatric indicators can be present, such as depression, hallucinations, and paranoia for steroid users.  More common are anger-related behaviors, present in mood swings and general disrespect and irritability.
  3. Beware of social behaviors.  Social behaviors are most commonly present in actions to help keep steroid use secret.  For instance, time in bathrooms and showers, or in locked rooms, may indicate that the person is injecting/using steroids.  Also, packages and suspicious containers for steroids can also come into play.  Other signs, such as less money and loss in other interests may indicate steroid use.
  4. Follow through if you suspect steroid use.  Contact your local Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council if you suspect someone you know is using steroids.  This will help avoid the dangerous consequences of steroids and help the person with the problem.
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