How To Know When To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

You've been hanging out with or dating a girl for a few weeks, but aren't sure you know how to know when to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. If you ask too early, she may get freaked out. If you wait too long to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, she may give up and move on to another guy. It is all in the timing, and the timing is different for each relationship. Look for certain clues, then go ahead and ask.

  1. Consider how much time you spend together. If you only occasionally go out on dates, it's probably too soon to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. But if you are going on out dates every weekend night or at least once during the week, it's time to ask.
  2. Wait until you've moved to the head of the pack. Just as some guys do, some girls will date or hang out with several guys at once when they are single in order to find the one that fits them best. A girl may stop hanging out with some guys once she thinks she's found one with boyfriend potential. If it turns out that the guy is you, go ahead and ask her.
  3. Pay attention to how she looks around you. The time is right to ask a girl to be your girlfriend when she starts making an extra effort in her appearance around you. If she always has freshly applied lip gloss or lipstick and her hair is always perfectly styled when you see, it's time to make your and ask. She is definitely interested in you as a boyfriend.
  4. Look out for subtle hints from her, usually involving the words "girlfriend" or "boyfriend." When a girl is getting impatient for you to ask her to be your girlfriend, she may just start calling you her boyfriend or referring to herself as your girlfriend. If she starts doing this, ask her already.
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