How To Know When Car’s Transmission Is Going Bad

While owning a car may seem like a carefree experience, it is important how to know when a car’s transmission is going bad. Car parts like the transmission or engine are major components that can add or take years off of your car’s life, therefore it is important to know the warning signs of when a car’s transmission is going bad.

  1. First, remain in tune to how your car performs. No one knows your car better than you do. You are the primary and daily driver, therefore you should become more aware to how your car functions when driving and when the ignition is first activated. This is the most fundamental basic way to learn how to know when your car’s transmission is going bad.
  2. Pay attention to hard shifts and grinding. Always let your car warm up, especially during the winter months when cold weather cause your transmission to lag. After your car has become warm, when switching from park to drive or park to reverse, if you notice major jolts or hard shifts from these positions, you may have transmission trouble coming your way. Also, when driving the car, if you notice any hard gear shifts, then your car may be in the preliminary stages of transmission trouble. Moreover, if you hear any grinding noises coming from the floorboards of your car, your car could have something wrong with the gears or valves in your transmission. You should have this checked immediately, before your transmission begins to stop operating at its optimal level.
  3. Check for leaks. Your car should not be leaking any fluid, let along from your transmission. Transmission fluid is red in color and will be clearly apparent on the ground where your car normally resides. If you notice any fluid coming from the transmission of your car then your transmission may be going bad.

Your transmission is one major lifeline of your car, therefore it is essential to know when a car’s transmission is going bad. Although it is important to know the warning signs of a bad transmission, make sure that a certified mechanic performs the proper maintenance and repairs.

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