How To Know When To Move On From A Relationship

How to know when to move on from a relationship is not always as easy as it seems. There are emotional, financial, and physical attachments that bind you and your partner. It may be hard to face the reality of a brand new life ahead. If your relationship is an unhealthy one, then it is important to admit it, and then decide how you want to handle it. Here are some tips to help ease the pressure, and heartbreaking choice of moving on from a relationship.

  1. If the relationship is unhealthy, abusive or toxic in anyway, it may escalate as time goes on. Ultimately, you will know once you had enough. Moving on may put you in danger, so take precautions to protect yourself. Confide in someone you trust who will support you once you are ready to leave.
  2. If you feel this relationship is stressing you out physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally then it is time to move on. Do not spend your energy on someone who doesn’t want to be with you, or who you don’t want to be with. Your life should be balanced and at peace, and if you feel unstable and unsure then let go, and live.
  3. Staying and dwelling on a relationship that cannot be repaired may affect your self-esteem and confidence. If it is damaging to your spirit, then leave before it gets worse. Know that you deserve happiness, joy, peace, and love. If you were not getting that in the relationship, then leave.
  4. Try not to sit around moping or crying about the good times, you know why you want to move on. Do not call her, email, or send text messages. Once you are ready to move on, cut all communication. Spend time enjoying things that interest you. Take a walk with your dog, spend time with friends and family, go see a movie, play your favorite sport, or read a book.
  5. Listen to your gut. Listen to your spirit. Ultimately only you know exactly how you feel inside. Do not stay and pretend that the relationship it is better than what it really is. Don’t make excuses.  The decision of truly moving on lies within you. 

If you decide to stay and work it out, couples counseling or self help book might be an option. If not, then consider talking to someone you trust about your feelings.



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