How To Know When To Put A Dog To Sleep

If you are aware how to know when to put a dog to sleep, you understand full well that it is not an easy decision. Then again, having to put a dog to sleep is not something any canine lover ever hopes they have to do. Nonetheless, it will happen to all of the dogs out there fortunate enough to live long, healthy lives. Still, as a pet owner it is your sole responsibility to know when to put a dog to sleep, if that time should ever come.

What you will need for this pressing matter:

  • Courage and calm (Yes it sounds cheesy, but it's true)
  • Multiple vet appointments
  • Friends and family to share input and give support
  1. No matter what people say, you know your dog best. Now, while your Uncle Jimmy might adamantly oppose dog euthanasia as "murder" by tree-hugging, evil, abortion-loving liberals, it is not his decision. Your mother, on the other hand, might propose to end the dog's suffering, but if you know full well that your best friend isn't in pain, then she should realize it isn't her decision either. The decision to put your best friend down is, ultimately, yours. You will live with the consequences, positive or negative, and you are the voice of your pet, not anyone else.
  2. Ask for input and support from your friends, family, and veterinarian. Do not confuse this with "let other people make the decision to put your dog to sleep", because you only want input. Your most understanding, intelligent, and compassionate friends and family members will be the best to talk to. The family vet is also a good choice for input due to his/her knowledge in this area, and relationship with your dog. However, no one knows what your dog feels, not even you, but the decision is best made by the owner.
  3. A fatal diagnosis or occasional problem doesn't mean bad quality of life. Too often, owners see cancer or another fatal illness (or even occasional pain) as the end of their best friend's time here on Earth. That is ridiculous. Now, while cancer can bring constant pain and suffering, many dogs have good weeks, months, or maybe years left in their bodies. To put a dog to sleep without this info is foolish at best, and could lead to premature death. If you do actually know when to put a dog to sleep, namely yours, then feel free to make your decision based upon your best furry friend's input. However, when one doesn't understand that life might still be good for their canine buddy, they might put a dog to sleep that didn't need to go just yet.
  4. Ask your dog. Pet owners understand what I'm saying. To put a dog to sleep is not easy, especially when you haven't even asked your furry friend what he/she thinks. Whether its a look in your eyes of pain, or a wagging of the tail signifying "I'm okay!", your dog will give good feedback. Perhaps the only one who knows for certain when to put a dog to sleep is actually the dog him/herself. It seems like it's always the good guys who have to deal with the worst situations, and your best friend is no exception. After all of those years he/she spent with you in happiness, only your canine buddy will understand how to put a dog to sleep, and when.
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