How To Know When Women Lie

Discovering how to know when women lie is actually quite simple when you understand the basic difference between men’s and women’s fibs: occasion. Researchers discovered back in 2002 that 60 percent of test subjects lied at least once but more commonly up to three times in a 10-minute timed conversation. Women in particular would tell lies if they thought that a false statement might prevent conflict or hurt feelings. So what should you look for when trying to ferret out how to know when women lie to you?

  1. Consistent eye contact and the marked absence of nervous tics. A pathological liar is adept at presenting the hearer with an apparently sincere eye contact that the average man would misinterpret for honesty. In the pathological liar, this is merely the ability to deceive with body language. If you have an inkling that your lady plays it hard and fast with the truth on a lot of prior occasions, add eye contact to the tell-tale signs that she’s at it again.
  2. Speech patterns slow down. Even though fast-talking salespeople are notoriously maligned as trying to hide the truth in their rapid-fire words, the trick to find out how to know when women lie is actually a slowdown of the normal speech. If the average woman speaks between 125 to 225 words per minute, it is the lower end of the spectrum that is more commonly associated with telling falsehood.
  3. Parroting back questions. How to know when women lie can be as simple as listening to what they say. If your gal pal occasionally repeats back your questions and you can all but see the wheels turning in her mind, you can be sure that she did not have sufficient time to come up with a train of thought to present to you. She is very likely trying to come up with a believable whopper as you speak.

Remember that discovering how to know when women lie depends as much on the situation as it does on the woman in question. While some gals will say just about anything to spare your feelings, others do not worry overly much about how you feel but are more concerned about avoiding conflict.

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