How To Know When Your Girlfriend Wants A Kiss

If you've struck out before, you might be scratching your head and wondering how to know when your girlfriend wants a kiss. Women give distinct signals when they are ready for a smooching session. All you have to do is be aware of the physical signs and her body language. Armed with this knowledge, you and your sweet thing will have plenty of lip locking, tongue twisting fun.

  1. A change of proximity. A strong signal that your girlfriend wants a kiss is when she moves closer to you. When she snuggles into your chest or turns her chin upwards, you are pretty safe in thinking that she wants you to plant a wet one on her lips.
  2. When she looks into your eyes. When your girlfriend wants a kiss, she will look into your eyes and fix her gaze. Her pupils dilate and her breathing becomes deep. That lusty look is your signal. This is serious business, so move in and give her a kiss!
  3. Try moving towards her. Use a reverse test to know if your girlfriend wants a kiss. Embrace her and move close. If she welcomes the gesture, you've hit her sweet spot. If she recoils or pushes you away, it's a no-go.
  4. If she licks her lips. A way to be sure that your girlfriend wants a kiss is when she licks her lips. Sweeping her tongue slowly across her lips is a definite sign that she would like you to do the same thing. Go for it!
  5. If she takes charge. You will know your girlfriend wants a kiss when she takes charge. Being your main squeeze gives her the liberty to pounce on you first. Most men dig a woman with needs, especially when hers serve yours.
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