How To Know You Need A New Career

Do you know how to know you need a new career? While you might be in denial and think you are content with your job, most people know when it's time to move on. Dreams of a better place, feet that want to run away and never come back, and hesitation when asked how you feel about your career are signs that it's time to find a new job. Before you go postal, do yourself a favor by making a career change.

  1. Boredom. One of the ways to know you need a new career is to measure your boredom levels. If work bores you, if you have trouble staying away during office hours, it might be time to check out a new job. There's nothing wrong with the realization that you've mastered the job and are ready for a new career!
  2. Impatience. If you are impatient at work, it could be a sign that you need a new career. We're not talking about being an unhappy person in all areas of your life, either. The impatience stems from frustration due to employment circumstances. Maybe you were passed over for a promotion. Perhaps you've hit a glass ceiling. It could be that you are sick and tired of doing your current work. Take this as a sign that it's time for a new career.
  3. Hitting the snooze button. Are you hitting the snooze button rather than jumping out of bed each morning? It could be that you're tired, but if your hand is perpetually hitting snooze, you might need a new career. People who are excited about their work are eager to begin the day. An interesting career fosters good feelings that make you want to go to work. If the thought of your career makes you turn over and cover your head with a pillow, you probably should consider doing a new line of work.
  4. The grass looks greener somewhere else. A sure way to know that you need a new career is when the grass looks greener somewhere else. Perhaps you're envious of a friend who has an exciting career that they love. It could be headhunter recruiting that signals you're ready to make a switch. When you peruse job ads, submit your resume to temporary agencies, and prepare a letter of resignation to give to your boss, it's time to make a career change.
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