How To Knuckle A Soccer Ball

Learning the proper technique for how to knuckle a soccer ball is more about luck then skill. Knuckling a soccer ball is a difficult task. Even proper placement and techniques does not always equal a knuckler. Knuckling a soccer ball is a challenge but poses a bigger challenge for the opposing goalie. The process below will walk you through the proper footing and approach but cannot guarantee a knuckler every time. Kicking a knuckler with a soccer ball is about the elements as well and luck. Using the techniques here however, will increase the likelihood of hitting a knuckler. Take these steps and practice kicking a knuckler with a soccer ball each time you are training. Add this routine to your soccer regiment and the knuckler will come more frequently.

To knuckle a soccer ball, you will need:

  • Soccer ball
  • Soccer cleats
  • Open space to kick

How to kick a knuckler with a soccer ball:

  1. Set the soccer ball on the ground. Remember, a knuckler is best served as a penalty kick. Approach the ball with speed. Set your plant foot next to the ball, same distance as you would for any other kick.
  2. Point your cleat toe down. Strike the soccer ball in the middle of the ball. Your laces should be towards the ball and make full contact. Do not follow though. Once impact occurs, halt the forward motion of your cleat.
  3. This motion will cause a fair amount of force on the soccer ball. The ball will move forward and either rise of fall as it approaches the goal. Remember, this is a hit and miss proposition. Practice until you find your groove.
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