How To Lace Air Force Ones

Learning how to lace Air Force Ones, some of the most popular shoes from Nike, is fairly simple. All that you need are the laces (preferably white, though other colors are acceptable when they compliment the shoe style), and the metal clips that came with the shoes. Following is some advice on how to lace Air Force Ones.

What you need:

  • Pair of Nike Air Force Ones
  • Two laces
  • Metal clip that came with the shoes
  1. First, buy some new laces. They should be flat, with the standard pointed ends. You will also need the two metal lace clips that came with the pair of Nikes, so save these if you are replacing laces.
  2. Feed each lace through one clip. Move the clip to the middle, so that you will start at the front of each shoe, and work back, with the clip in the front of the laced area.
  3. Feed one point of the lace through the left side's first hole, and feed the other end through the first hole on the right (on one shoe). Then, you will begin crisscrossing the laces to make the standard pattern.
  4. Take the right side lace, and pull it across, and feed it through the second hole on the left (for the left shoe). Then, over the top of this, pull the left side lace across that one, and feed it through the right side hole. Continue this pattern all of the way up, as far as you want (generally, to the top holes, always pulling the right side first, so that the same pattern is maintained (one lace crosses the other) all of the way up.
  5. Do the same with the right shoe, except, after you have fed the ends through the two sides first, begin lacing them up by first poking the left side lace through the hole, and then, over top of that, the right, all of the way up, to get a mirror image of your left shoe.

Learning how to lace Air Force Ones is not hard. All that you need to do is maintain the same basic pattern, and you can easily have your laced kicks looking like they are fresh out of the store.

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