How To Lace Air Jordans

Air Jordans are a brand of Nike shoes made specifically for basketball players and learning how to lace Air Jordans is very easy. Almost everyone knows how to tie shoes, but lacing Jordans is another matter altogether. Knowing how to lace shoes properly helps you to prevent injury when you are playing.

To lace Air Jordans, you will need

  • A pair of Air Jordans
  • Two shoelaces
  1. To start, take one of the Air Jordans, and place them in front of you. Ensure that the shoe is pointing away while the heel faces you.
  2. Now, take one of the laces, and insert borh ends into the furthest two alternate holes. Pull firmly, so that an even amount of lace sticks out of each hole.
  3. To proceed, take the right lace, and insert it into the hole that is diagonally next, on the left hand side of the shoe. Pull the lace until taut.
  4. Now Insert the right lace (now in the second hole on the left) into the next right hole, diagonally downwards. Continue until the right lace reaches the end of the shoe.
  5. Repeat the above process for the left lace, criscrossing it through all the holes. Make sure that the tension is roughly even.
  6. When you reach the end of the shoe, simply tie the laces. If the length of the right and left laces are not the same, then it would be wise to loosen the loop on the topmost two holes, and adjust the laces. This makes it easier to tie the laces, and reduces the probability of you tripping on them.
  7. Now repeat this process for the next Air Jordan. Now you have a pair of nicely laced Air Jordans.
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