How To Lace Boxing Boots

Figuring out how to lace boxing boots is slightly more complicated with today's modern boot designs. Modern boxers don't wear those old-school "Rocky" kicks anymore. Those were pretty straightforward as far as lacing boxing boots was concerned. No, modern boxing boots have been made for the utmost comfort and protection of the boxer. Because of this, all aspects of the boxing boot have been redesigned and upgraded, making it harder to correctly lace boxing boots. It's not rocket science or anything, but it will take slightly longer to do. OK, you future heavyweight pugilists, here's how you correctly lace your boxing boots:

  1. Loosen the boot up. The first step to properly lacing your boxing boots is to get your feet securely into them. If they are already pre-laced, remove the shoe strings from them. Pull the tongue out to loosen the boot. Once you've adequately loosened the boot, get your foot in there. Make sure your foot is nice and comfortable, because after you lace your boxing boot up, it isn't coming off anytime soon.
  2. The boxing boot's design. You'll notice that the boxing boots don't just have the normal holes to slide your shoe strings through. There are supports over the length of the tongue of the boot as well. You'll have to properly run the strings through each and every hole and support to make sure the boot is secured correctly.
  3. Lacing the boxing boot. Start out at the first two holes at the bottom of the boxing boot. Pull the string through both holes making sure you have an even amount of slack on both sides. Criss-cross the strings and run them through the centered supports as well as the holes immediately following the first set of holes. Tighten the string after you go through each set of loops. Remember to criss-cross the strings each and every time. It's also very important that you continue to tighten the strings as you go up the boot. Once you reach the top of the boot, tighten the string one final time and knot it. You now have yourself a securely-laced boxing boot. Lace the other boxing boot in exactly the same fashion.
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