How To Lace Boxing Gloves

For professionals and amateurs alike, knowing how to lace boxing gloves is a basic gym and competition skill. While most bag gloves use the Velcro hook-and-loop system, lace-up boxing gloves have a firmer fit. The reason lace-up boxing gloves are not more popular for gym work is that a boxer always needs an extra pair of hands to tie the second glove. Even so, their superior characteristics are manifest in the fact that no one gets into the ring for a real fight wearing anything other than laced boxing gloves, so learning how to lace the gloves is one of the little skills that separates real fighters from dilettantes.


  • Pair of laced boxing gloves
  • Pair of laces
  1. Pull the first boxing glove onto one of your hands, pushing down into the glove and you pull back at the same time. The combination of pulling and pushing at the same time will ensure your fingers and thumb reach the bottom of the glove, guaranteeing the best fit.
  2. Thread the lace through the top pair of grommets, over your wrist. Make sure roughly the same length of lace is hanging off from either side.
  3. Run the lace through first next pair of grommets, threading it through first the right grommet and then the left.
  4. Pull the laces tight after each set of grommets. Continue lacing through pairs of grommets in this criss-crossing pattern until you reach lace-up the last pair of grommets in the boxing glove.
  5. Remove the laced-up boxing glove and put on the other unlaced glove. Repeat steps one through four until the second glove is also laced.
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