How To Lace Up Converse

You buy your first pair of Converse and you want to learn how to lace up your Converse. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look cool while wearing your Converse shoes. Lacing up shoes has become somewhat of an art form where people use different techniques. Converse shoes seem to have their own signature look when it comes to laces. Here are a few steps that will help you lace up your Converse.

To lace up Converse, you will need:

  • Converse shoes with laces
  • patience
  • spare time


  1. Start lacing. Start at the bottom of your shoe and run the lace horizontally from one end to the other end. Put the ends of the laces through the eyelets of the shoe. These eyelets would be the last two bottom holes.
  2. Right shoelace. Cross the right shoelace diagonally on the inside of the shoe till it reaches the next hole. Then bring this shoelace horizontally to the eyelet that is adjacent to it.
  3. Left shoelace. Now the left shoelace is brought diagonally on the inside to the next eyelet. The left shoelace will skip an eyelet that should already be occupied by the right shoelace. If you bring the left shoelace diagonally and skip an eyelet that is empty then you have done something wrong. Once the left shoelace reaches its eyelet bring it horizontally across to the eyelet that is adjacent to it.
  4. Repeat. Now repeat all of these steps until you have laced all of the eyelets.

Now that you know how to lace up Converse shoes you can put these skills to use.


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