How To Lace Converse Without Lacing The Last Two Holes

Learning how to lace Converse without lacing the last two holes is easy. Since sneakers have come into existence, people have tried to figure out cool ways to lace them up. The problem with lacing Converse while leaving the last two holes open is the fact that the strings are usually too long. There are a few tricks you can do to preserve your laces and still lace your Converse without lacing the last two holes. Though, the shoes wont be safe to play ball in. Check these two lacing styles out. Here’s how to lace your Converse without lacing up the last two holes.

  1. Traditional lacing. You know how a Converse shoe looks when it’s traditionally laced. The strings criss-cross to the top of the shoe. Then, you can you tie them off. But, you want the last two holes to be unlaced. So, here’s what you do. When you begin lacing your Converse don’t tighten the strings throughout the lacing process. In other words, you know how you pull the string tightly after you’ve laced each successful set of holes? Well don’t do it. Leave the shoes loose. This way, the strings will take up more space per set of holes. By the time you get to the top of your Converse, you won’t have to lace them. The strings will be short enough to hang there comfortably.
  2. Double up. The second way to go about lacing your Converse without lacing the last two holes is to actually double up the strings in each set of holes. Here’s what you do. Pull the string through the first set of holes. Make sure the string is even on both sides. Now, instead of criss-crossing the strings to the top, you’re going to make sure both sides of the string go through both holes on each level of the shoe. So, instead of criss-crossing the string, you’re going to pull one side through both holes at each level. You’ll do the same with the other side of the string. You’ll have two strings going through both holes per level (one side going one way, and the opposite side going through the other). This should get rid of enough of the string slack. So, by the time you make it to the top of your Converse, you won’t even have enough string left to lace the top two holes.
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