How To Lace Converse


You may think you know how to lace Converse, but wait until you see the variety outlined below. Truly customize those classic chucks with a unique lacing style. Change it up even more with different colored laces. Some Converse are designed with two sets of eyelets to really put on a cool string show.

What you will need to lace Converse;

  • Converse shoes
  • Shoe Laces, flat, tubular, narrow or wide, in any color combination
    Size the laces for the best fit;
    seven pairs of eyelets should have 45” long laces  
    eight pairs of eyelets should have 54” long laces
    nine pairs of eyelets should have 63” long laces

How you lace your Converse is all a matter of personal choice. Whatever way you choose, be sure to take your time and straighten out the laces as you go. This attention to detail will help the laces last longer and stay more evenly and securely tied.

  1.  Over Lacing. It is quite possible this is the lacing method you used when first learning to tie and lace your shoes. Start with your lace over the bottom set of eyelets, criss-cross and continue up.
  2. Under Lacing. This version has the same idea, but it starts with the laces going up and through the bottom set of eyelets.
  3. Straight Lacing. This look is often seen in advertising and is also referred to as Straight European Lacing. Lace your Converse by alternating diagonal and horizontal lines with each side of the lace. This look gives the illusion of a zigzag pattern beneath the horizontal lacing.
  4. Up and Down Lacing. Start at the top of the shoe and lace down, skipping a hole at each turn. Then, once you reach the bottom lace back up using the skipped holes.
  5. Ladder Lacing. Start with the under lacing method, but do not criss-cross. Once through the bottom pair of eyelets, simply insert the laces into the next set. Then cross and loop back, wrapping around the lace. Drop into the next set of eyelets and continue up. A nice ladder look will be formed.
  6. Loop Back Lacing. My personal favorite way of lacing Converse. This pattern is creative, yet remains very functional. Use two pairs of different colored laces to highlight the twists that form in the center of the shoe. Start with the laces under the eyelets. Cross to make an X. Then twist again. The laces on the left then go through the left eyelet and the laces on the right go through the right eyelet.  Follow through with 2 more twists between each pair of eyelets.


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