How To Lace Hockey Goalie Skates

Learning how to lace hockey goalie skates isn’t much different from lacing up any other pair of ice skates. Obviously, lacing up goalie ice skates is an extremely important process to understand. Staying outfitted on the ice is vital for a goalie, as he is the only player who does not rotate. Lacing up hockey goalie ice skates involves having properly fitting ice skates and laces long enough to cover the entire length of the ice skate, plus a little extra. Read the process below to learn how to lace up a hockey goalie's ice skates for a successful stint as your team’s goalie.

To lace up hockey goalie skates, you will need:

  • Ice hockey skates for a goalie
  • Laces
  • Sports tape
  1. Start with either ice skate, the left or right. It does not matter which goalie skate you lace up first. Place one end of the lace through the eyelet. Run the lace through the bottom of the ice skate, using both eyelets. Bring the laces up and ensure that the laces are even.
  2. Run one end of the lace through alternating eyelets, lacing up the ice skate. Take the other end and follow suit on the other side of the ice skate. Once you have laced up fully to the last eyelet, bring the laces together again. They should be even.
  3. Cross the laces as if to tie them. Instead of making a bow, tightly wrap the laces around the ankle. Properly sized laces should allow two passes with enough lace left over to complete a bow. To finish the lacing of the ice skates, use sports tape over the laces where they were tied. Repeat for the other ice skate.
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