How To Lace Leather

Need to know how to lace lether? Lacing leather can be either extremely simple, or extremely complex depending on the type of stitch you prefer to use. Typically lacing leather is used when combing an item to a piece of leather. It can either be two pieces of leather or a piece of leather and a different fabric. Here are some easy steps to follow when lacing leather.

To lace leather you will need:

  • leather material
  • additional Fabrics that will be sewn
  • large eyed needle
  • plenty of waxed thread
  • a heavy-duty hole punch
  1. Begin by punching holes in the leather. The holes should range from about 1/18" to 1/6" from the edge of the material. Make sure they are evenly spaced as well. This will make for a much neater sewing technique.
  2. Thread the needle. Take the thick wax  thread and push it through the eye of the large eyed needle.
  3. Place the two pieces of fabric along side each other. Be sure the holes that have been punched line up with one another.
  4. Stitch the wax thread through the holes. Using the simplest stitching technique, the single running stitch, the thread goes in and out from one fabric to the other. It should appear to begin looking like a snake-type figure.
  5. Tie a knot at the end of the stitch. Once the end of the area is completed by stitching, tie a knot with the wax thread to secure the stitch. It may help to put a dab of glue on the knot to better secure it.

Lacing leather is an easy way to mesh fabrics together and get a project to look exactly the way you want it. Since the techniques are so vast and expansive, doing the simplest technique first, will really help the sewing build momentum.

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