How To Lace New Balance Shoes

New Balance shoes are a popular brand of tennis shoes, but how to lace New Balance shoes can be a bit tricky depending on what problem, if any, you are trying to prevent. People use their New Balance shoes for different reasons such as running, walking or cross training and can suffer from different injuries and ailments. These can cause different aches and pains in your feet, and by lacing your shoes a certain way, it can help to minimize the severity of these ailments.

  1. Normal and most common lacing. Start with the holes farthest away from the tongue of the shoe. Going from the top in, thread the holes and pull the lace tight. Criss-cross the laces back and forth all the way up the shoe keeping the tension the same all the way up.
  2. High arches and thigh pressure around tongue. Lace the first two holes by going from the top in and pulling the laces tight. Starting with the left side, bring the lace up to the next hole, no criss-crossing, and thread, from the bottom up, through that hole. Take that lace and thread it through straight across to the hole directly across from it. Take that lace, threading underneath, and go straight up, skipping the hole directly above it and going to the second hole. Come up through that hole and take the lace back straight across and thread through that hole. Continue up until you reach the top of the shoe. Do the right side the same way but when starting, skip a hole from the beginning then continue as the left side.
  3. Painful feet. Begin by threading the first two holes by starting from the top and going in. On both sides, instead of criss-crossing the laces, go straight up to the second hole. Then criss-cross the laces twice to make two "X" shapes. Take the threads and criss-cross them again but skip a hole. Keep criss-crossing until you reach the top.
  4. Heel slippage. Start by lacing the first holes going from the top to underneath. Make the first criss-cross from underneath. Criss-cross the rest of the way up the shoe but doing those on the top side first. 
  5. Toe problems. Start by lacing the first holes going in from the top. Lace one side from the first hole to the finish hole in a straight line. Lace the opposite side criss-crossing as you normally would. 

New Balance shoes come in many different styles and can be laced in many different ways to help combat many typical foot problems. By knowing a few different lacing tricks, you will make your New Balance shoes last longer and make your feet hurt a bit less in the process.

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