How To Lace Nike Dunks

It's one thing to know how to tie laces on Nike Dunks, it's another knowing how to lace Nike dunks. It is handy knowing how to lace Nike dunks if ever the laces get frayed or need replacement during sports. It is very simple to lace Nike dunks, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

To lace Nike dunks, you will need

  • A pair of Nike dunks
  • A pair of laces
  1. To start, buy a pair of laces. Remember to buy laces that are made specifically for athletic shoes, as these can withstand pressure. Usually these come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the laces that appeal to you.
  2. Now, put the left shoe of the Nike dunk in front of you, with the front side facing away from you. From the inside, insert the two sides of one lace through both holes at the extreme end of the shoes. Try to keep the lengths of lace that is sticking out equal.
  3. To proceed, insert the left end of the shoelace into the right hole of the next pair of holes. Do the same for the right end of the lace. This should form an "X" shape.
  4. Continue lacing up the Nike dunks, making sure that the lace should keep going into the next diagonal hole. If the lace went into the right hole one time, it should go into the left hole the next time, and so on.
  5. When you reach the last hole on the Nike dunks, stop. Now you can simply tie your shoelaces, and you have successfully laced your Nike dunks.



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