How To Lace Skates For Ice Hockey

Properly learning how to lace skates for ice hockey is essential for both safety and comfort.  There are numerous ways to lace ice hockey skates, with many players adding lacing their skates in a certain way to their pre-game ritual.  Finding the balance between too tight and not tight enough is key to properly lacing skates for ice hockey.

To lace skates for ice hockey, you will need:

  • Hockey socks
  • Hockey skates
  • Laces

Procedure to lace skates for ice hockey:

  1. Determine the proper length for laces.  Before attempting to lace skates for ice hockey, it's important to have the proper-length laces on hand.  This will vary based on the size and style of the skates, but as a general rule, always select laces that are too long rather than not long enough.  Laces should be able to reach each eye of the skates with enough left over at the top to securely tie them.
  2. Loosely lace the skates.  Working with one skate and one lace at a time, find the middle of each lace by folding the lace in half.  Thread the lace through the bottom two eyes of the skate, with the middle of the lace situated between the two eyes.  Continue to work your way up through the eyes of the skate, criss-crossing the laces in the center, until you reach the top of the skate.  Repeat the process with the second skate.
  3. Tighten the laces.  Put on your hockey socks and place your feet in the skates.  Begin at the lowest set of eyes and begin to tighten the laces.  Make the laces snug, but not too tight to start, then increase the tightness as you work up.  
  4. Tie and secure the laces.  After the laces are tightened, tie them using a standard bow.  Tie a second bow to secure the laces if desired and if desired, tape the laces to secure them.  Be sure the ends of the laces are properly secured so they do not interfere when skating or come undone.
  5. Stand and test the skates.  Once the laces are tightened and secured, stand up and walk around a bit.  Make sure the skates feel snug around your ankles, but are not too tight to cause discomfort.  Skate around a bit to test them further.  If necessary, tighten or loosen the laces to meet your satisfaction.
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