How To Lace Up Vans

Learning how to lace up Vans is easy. With a shoelace for each shoe, you simply feed it through the lace holes on each shoe. This should not take long, but you will want to get special laces that are meant for, match, or simply look good on these types of kicks, according to their color. Following is some basic advice on how to lace up Vans.

How to Lace up Vans: What you Need

  • Pair of Vans
  • Extra shoelaces that match color of Vans

How to Lace up Vans

  1. Buy some extra laces for your kicks. Vans tend to look better with flat laces, and white, or any other color that looks good on your shoes may be used.
  2. Start by feeding one end of the lace through the front lace holes, so that the lace goes out of the sides of the front of the shoe. Even this out so that the same amount of excess lace is on each side.
  3. Then, take the shoelace end on  the left side of the shoe, and pull it across and back to the next hole back on the other side. Always enter the hole by pulling each lace across and over the edge of the shoe, and pulling it through down and under, into the inside.
  4. Then, take the other lace end, on the right, and pull it back and across to the left side, so that it crosses the lace that was pulled right.
  5. Continue this pattern back, pulling the left side back to the next hole on the right, and then the corresponding right lace back over top of it to the next hole on the left, until the shoes are fully laced, with all holes filled with the crisscrossing laces.
  6. Then, do the same on the other shoe, but pull the right lace across first with each hole, and pull the left one over that, so that the second shoe has a mirror image of the first. It does not matter which shoe has laces from the left side on top or laces from the right side on top, but it looks better when the pattern is reversed for the second shoe.

Learning how to lace up Vans is easy. Simply buy laces, and crisscross the shoelaces so that each shoe has a pattern that is the same as that of the other shoe, but with the opposite side of the shoe’s laces on top.


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