How To Lace Wallabees

If you have a pair of Wallabees, you may be wondering how to lace them. Right now, Clarks Wallabees lace shoes are very popular. Both men and women love these shoes for their comfort and for their looks. As may see, the laces appear shorter than those on regular sneakers. You can learn how to lace Wallabees like a pro.

To lace Wallabees, you will need the following.

  • A pair of Clarks Wallebees shoes.


  1. Put on your Clarks Wallebees shoe. You need to do this in order to lace up your shoe. You don’t want to lace Wallabees when they’re not on your foot. It will be hard to get them on your foot.
  2. Hold each Wallabees lace in each of your hand. Cross them so that they make an X. Pass one end of the lace through the other.
  3. Pull tightly on your Wallabees laces. Fold one of the laces in half and hold it taut. Wrap the other lace around the folded one.
  4. Grasp the lace as you pull it through the folded one. Keep it bent as you pull it through. You should create a bow with Wallabees laces.
  5. Put your other Wallabees shoe on. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for tying the laces on that shoe. Make sure both of your laces are tight.
  6. Stand up and shake each of your feet. This will help determine if your Wallabees are tied tight. If they untie, try tying them again. 

Tips Make sure that your Wallabees laces stay tight throughout the day. You don’t want to end up tripping over them.

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