How To Lag Exercise Driver

Although most people recognize the need of lag in their tee shots as well as all their shot selections, especially with the driver, they do not know how to lag exercises driver.  Lag can be described as the hands leading the club face through impact, and is one of the most important factors of the golf swing that determine consistency, power, and control.  All tour players, and even good amateurs, have a great amount of lag in their swings which allow them to strike the ball with the maximum amount of acceleration through the ball.  Although it is the key factor of having consistent play, most weekend warriors lack this in their swing.  The lack of lag makes it difficult to have the handle in front of the ball through impact resulting in slices, rope hooks, blades, fat shots and even fat shots.  In order to achieve any amount of lag, a player must change various pieces of the swing.  However, many players use feel as a reference point in making swing changes; here are a few drills that you can do at home or on the range to get the feeling of lag.

To practice getting lag, you will need:

  • Driver
  • Towel
  • Impact bag or Duffel Bag full of clothes
  1. Take a driver and wrap a towel around the hosel.  Take a few swings with the club at full speed.  You should feel your hands lead the club head through.  Another drill you can do with the same driver with the towel around it is to place it just outside your back foot and try to move the head forward with your wrists.  This should be difficult to do. Now take the same position and rather than using your wrists, use your body to turn through.  You should find this much easier and should actually be the same way you swing the club.
  2. In the next exercise, you will need to get an impact bag or a duffel bag filled with clothes.  Take the club up 3/4 and take a a swing at the bag while swinging inside out.  The position that you are in with the handle in front of the club, when the club hits the bag is the same position you should be at impact.

If you practice these drills and try to replicate the same feeling as you get while do the drills, you should be swinging the club with more lag which will lead to more power and more consistency.  The best way to  improve your swing however, is to see your local PGA professional for lessons.  Nothing is better than getting one on one instruction with a good teaching professional who understands your limitations.

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