How To Land A 360 BMX

Looking for directions on how to land a 360 BMX? In order to successfully land a 360 on a BMX bike, you need to correctly perform the trick. The 360 is considered to be a BMX street air trick. When you perform a 360 on a BMX bike, you are doing a complete 360 spin to either your left or right.

  1. Speed. The amount of speed that is required depends on what structure you are jumping off of. The higher you want your jump to be, the more speed you will need. As a general guideline, you should be moving at a moderate speed.
  2. Foot Placement. It is very important that you are aware of which foot is leading your 360 on a BMX bike. If your foot goes one way, but you wanted to jump in another direction, you will likely get hurt. If your right foot is in front of your left foot, then you will be spinning to the right. If your left foot is in front of your right foot, you will be spinning to the left.
  3. Jumping and Rotating. You want to begin to turn your bike moments before you are about to take your jump. While you are in the air, you will need to turn your upper body and head in the direction that your bike is spinning. If you are jumping to the right, then you should be turning your head as much as you can to the right. Your bike will follow the direction that you turn your body in.
  4. Landing a 360 BMX. As you begin to descend from the air, you should extend your body in a forward direction to stop from spinning any further. When you land a 360 BMX, your bike should be in the same exact position that you began the trick in.
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