How To Land An Adult Film Audition

Figuring out how to land an adult film audition is just as difficult as trying to get into mainstream movies. Just as in the mainstream entertainment business, most people have to start out as nobodies and build their experience and resumes. There is an extreme double standard to landing an adult film audition. If you're a girl and you're hot, you have a good shot. For a guy, landing an adult film audition is a lot harder to pull off. Let's get ready to rumble. Here's how to get yourself an adult film audition.

  1. Women. Let's speak briefly on women getting into porn. Because they are the focus of most porn, and because there are literally thousands upon thousands of porn sites out there, it's a lot easier for women to get an adult film audition, let alone scene work. With the birth of online job searches that pertain to porn, almost any woman, as long as she looks good and fills some sort of void (i.e. fit's into some sort of category for different porn genres), has a shot at landing an audition for an adult film.
  2. Now, for the guys. Yes, gentlemen, it's a lot harder for us to "break" into the porn industry. First of all, in most porn (except of course for gay porn) the dudes are nothing more than props. There are a few guys that are famous, but for the most part, we're just the object that holds the penis and has sex with the girls. The chicks are the focal point. Ask yourself how many names of guy pornstars do you know? Probably not many.
  3. What you need. Guys need to be attractive, which is relative to the director that's checking you out. You also need to have at least a decent sized penis. Funny enough, this is also relative. How many times have you looked at porn and thought "Hey, I'm bigger than that guy, I could do porn"?
  4. Where to go. If you want to try to land an adult film audition, you need to go where they shoot adult films. The biggest places for porn are California (no surprise) and Florida (mainly the Miami area). Remember, we're second class citizens in the porn world, so you'll have to do the traveling. There are a million and one guys that wouldn't mind getting paid to have sex with some knockout model, so if you want that adult film audition, you've got to go for it.
  5. Online. Technology is a beautiful thing. Everything is being done online nowadays. You've seen websites dedicated to finding jobs in the corporate world right? You've probably seen websites dedicated to placing aspiring actors in mainstream movies as well. Well, it should be no surprise that the porn industry has similar sites. You just have to get out there and look. If you're new to the porn game, you won't have an extensive resume or reels of your "work." You'll be asked to submit photos of yourself. Here's the catch: even if they show an interest in you, you're going to have to hop that plane and travel. You'll end up in California or Miami anyway.
  6. Being comfortable. An adult film audition is going to be invasive. You may have to do a scene with someone you don't want to be with. A lot of male porn actors start out doing gay or bisexual porn. Just something to think about. 
  7. Nothing's guaranteed. Going to these places doesn't guarantee you an adult film audition. Be honest with yourself. Can you do porn? If the answer is yes and you really want to get into the industry, then go for it. It won't be an easy road to travel, but anything can be done with perseverance.
  8. Alternate route. Making your own porn and submitting it to some of those user sites can get you some notoriety. But remember, most guys are seen as props. You may inadvertently jump start your female co-star's career. 
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