How To Land First Job In Marketing

There are multiple resources to assist you if you're wondering how to land your first job in marketing. Marketing professionals often work in a variety of industries and occupations, so consider what type of marketing career interests you. To begin your job search, create a resume that shows your passion and enthusiasm about a marketing career. Highlight all of your education and training related to marketing and be prepared to change your resume to fit each employer's needs.

  1. Gain experience through internships or your current occupation. Although many internships don't offer a salary, they can allow you to gain valuable experience to add to your resume. Ensure the internship allows you to work on one or several marketing projects. If you're currently employed in a different occupation, offer to assist your employer in marketing efforts. Almost every organization will gain business through marketing. Even if you'rw a college student working for a pizza shop, you can assist your employer's business by promoting it. This will allow you to add additional experience to your resume and also show you added value to your employer.
  2. Ask for assistance from your college or university's the career center. Many employers work with colleges and universities to hire new graduates. Your college or university career center will be able to assist you in finding an entry-level marketing job.
  3. Search for entry-level marketing jobs on internet job boards. Many marketing jobs are available on internet job boards and most of those job boards allow you to post your resume for employers to view. Utilize these resources to increase your chances to land your first job in marketing. 
  4. Apply for many marketing jobs, even those you feel you're not qualified for. The more jobs you apply to, the better your chances are to land a marketing job.  When you apply to each job, revise your resume to include your enthusiasm for each employer. Many employers look for a dedicated employee that's excited about their organization. Do research on each employer and include why you're interested in their marketing efforts.



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