How To Land A Heelflip

Once you have mastered the ollie, you are ready to learn how to land a heelflip. The heelflip is also one of the easiest flip tricks to learn when first starting to skateboard. This article will show you how to land a heelflip with style and consistency.

What you will need:

  • Skateboard with moderate amount of pop on the tail
  • Appropriate skateboarding shoes
  1. Attempt to reach a moderate amount of speed on your skateboard. If you ride regular-stance on your skateboard, you will want to place your left foot directly behind the screw hardware at a 45 percent angle. Your left foot should cover the width of the board entirely, but keep your weight on your back leg for the most part. If you ride switch-stance and want to know how to land a heelflip, just place your right foot in the same described position instead.
  2. Position your back foot on the tail of the skateboard at a 45 percent inward angle. The back foot's position is exactly the same as it is when you perform an ollie since the heelflip is directly derived from it. As you continue with speed, create a balance of pressure on the back foot.
  3. The next step to being able to land a heelflip is to perform an ollie. This is an essential aspect of the heelflip since it gives the skateboard the room needed to be able to make the full flip in the air. You have to be comfortable doing an ollie if you want to land a heelflip. Pop the board in the air as high as you can, while lifting your back foot from the tail of the board.
  4. Once you have popped the skateboard's tail, immediately kick your front foot forward. This next step is the most important. Make the kick at a 60 percent angle opposite your body. This will allow your front foot to perform the ollie and flip your board as well.
  5. After you have flipped the skateboard by kicking towards the nose, you will want to clear your feet from range of the board's flip. Bring both of your feet to a stance above the board that resembles the way that you would normally ride. Once the board has completed its flip, rest your feet securely over the hardware screw holes of the board to land. Make sure you remember to remain balanced for the landing of the wheels can sometimes be less sturdy than expected. One of the most overlooked steps in how to land a heelflip is the landing itself. Try to develop a unique style when you land a heelflip since that will add to the consistency of landing the trick.

Now that you know how to land a heelflip, you will be able to start thinking about the multiple variations that can be performed as well. You can start practicing the heelflip while riding backwards or switch-stance. Once you can land a heelfip from every conceivable angle, you will have a list of new tricks in your street skating arsenal.

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