How To Land A Job As A Legal Assistant

So you want to know how to land a job as a legal assistant or paralegal. You will need to have the appropriate formal credentials and establish that you have strong administrative skills. Legal assistants must be well-organized, have strong writing skills, and be able to communicate effectively with both lawyers and clients. In your application, emphasize these skills and it shouldn’t be hard to land a job as a legal assistant.

  1. Create a strong resume. To land a job as a legal assistant, your resume should both list your experience and sell your skills. When you create your resume, use specific examples of your previous accomplishments and show that you meet the firm’s minimum education and work requirements.
  2. Get good references from your previous employers. Without strong recommendations, it’s tough to land a job as a legal assistant. Before listing your old boss or office manager as a references on your job application or reference list, call him and discuss the type of legal assistant job to which you are applying. Make sure he feels comfortable serving as a reference and will be able to represent your skills accurately and appropriately.
  3. Show professionalism. Attorneys and judges value professionalism deeply and look for it when they select a legal assistant. When you communicate with the firm or court, either by phone or in writing, use formal business language and proper grammar. At your interview, dress in a conservative suit and present yourself well. Show that you are a professional and that you take your job seriously, and changes are good that you’ll land a job a legal assistant.
  4. Follow up after the interview. If you’re a dedicated job hunter and want to seal the deal and land a job as a legal assistant, be proactive. After your job interview, send a detailed thank-you letter reiterating your qualifications. If your interviewer raised any concerns about your qualifications as a legal assistant, address them in your letter.

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