How To Land A Pop Shove It

Do you want to learn how to land a pop shove it? Landing a pop shove it could be quite difficult for some people to do. The pop shove it is an easy trick within itself, but landing it is a totally different ball game. Learn how to properly land a pop shove it with these easy-to do instructions. All it takes is a little concentration and practice to do a perfect landing when pop shoving it.

  1. Keep a watch on the board. All while doing the pop shove it and landing, your eyes should stay focused on the board and your feet at all times. This prevents error and injury. Eyes should be scanning between feet and skateboard when landing a pop shove it.
  2. Make sure your legs are steady. You should begin to land after the one-hundred eighty degree flip of the skateboard after completing the pop shove it. As soon as you begin to land. Make sure that both feet are planted on the surface of the skateboard. There should not be any part of your feet extending on the side of the skateboard when preparing to land or there it could result in a fall.
  3. Use force with your legs. While you are still in the air, use downward force with your legs while your feet are steady on the skateboard. Asserting downward force on the skateboard allows you to have control of the skateboard. Having total control of the skateboard is important when doing a land or a trick.
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