How To Lawn Bowl

Have you wondered how to lawn bowl in your own backyard? This relaxing sport is similar to standard bowling with a few exceptions. Learning how to lawn bowl is achievable with minimal instructions. This enjoyable game performed on your land brings hours of amusement. Continue reading for simple guidelines to get you started.

To lawn bowl, you will need:

  • 8 bowls
  • 1 jack
  • 1 mat
  • Lawn space for bowling
  • Measuring tape
  1. Indicate the playing field. Mark a distinct lane (rink) that is fourteen feet wide. Rinks are where all the action takes place. Create a mat, which is a small rectangle about twelve to fourteen inches in length. All players must have one foot on the mat on each turn.
  2. Start the game. Roll the jack (white ball) about three-fourths of the way down the rink as an important role in lawn bowling. Check that the Jack is directly aligned with the mat. The jack may be moved to center with mat.
  3. Give out equipment. Furnish each player four bowls (during a singles match) as equipment while learning how to lawn bowl. Bowls are weighted and should be rolled on the non-marked side.
  4. Learn to score. A vital element of how to lawn bowl is for each player to roll all four of their bowls. An end is the result of all bowls rolled. Measure, if needed, to find out who has an entry closest to the jack and award the point.
  5. Continue the game. Rolling and repositioning the mat and jack after each end is important in lawn bowling. Do fourteen ends and the player with the most points wins.

Good Luck! You have completed the how to lawn bowl process. Enjoy the game.


  • Rinks can be shortened to accommodate limited space.
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