How To Lay Ikea Laminate Flooring

Learning how to lay Ikea laminate flooring is easy with the new click-on flooring available at Ikea. In case you are on a tight budget for flooring a large space, you need a quick floor fix. Using this tutorial of how to lay Ikea Laminate Flooring gives bright ideas and you will be more than satisfied with the results.

In order to lay Ikea laminate flooring, you will need:

  • Floor Liner (Rubber or Styrofoam)
  • Measure Tape
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Table saw
  • Rafter Square

Before you jump into "How To Lay Ikea Laminate Flooring", be sure that you lay down the boards flat. This is to make sure that you do not have bumps anywhere.

  1. Determine your existing flooring. Except on thick carpets, you can learn how to lay Ikea Laminate Flooring over almost any other existing type of flooring. Use a floor liner first if you want to put the Ikea Laminate Flooring directly over a concrete foundation. This sub-layer will provide a better padding layer for your new floor. According to, it also performs to dampen sound and insulates material below the laminate.
  2. Lay the pieces on the floor. As straightforward and effortless as it may seem, you must avoid the temptation to lay down the entire floor liner ahead of following how to lay Ikea Laminate Flooring. You are likely to mess up the floor liner as you walk around. Rather, lay down pieces of the floor liner just a few feet, and then go ahead laying down the laminate boards to determine the layout and pattern for the flooring, according to Use the rafter square and table saw to trim pieces to length according to the pattern after laying out the flooring.
  3. Begin in the middle of the room. You want to keep about a 1/8-inch space between the board and the walls to cushion in case of any floor movement. The project of how to lay Ikea laminate flooring is easiest if you begin in the middle of the room. Consider however, you will end up making some cuts along each wall, which is unnecessary work. You will prove wise if you start laying down the flooring at one end wall of the room. With a hammer, you can gently tap the board for it to lock into the other one. Work your way across the room towards the opposite wall with the floor liner and laminate boards concurrently. This systematic sectioning makes sure you have installed everything cleanly and properly.
  4. Lock it all in together. The final step in completion of how to lay Ikea Laminate Flooring includes the individual planks of laminate locking together. When fully laid, they create one interlocking floor covering the entire room. Install mouldings around the baseboards if you find the gap between the wall and flooring is too obvious. These will cover up the gaps against the wall and help keep the boards in place.
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