How To Lead Core Baseball Bats

If you want to improve the power of your swings, you need to know how to lead core baseball bats. This adds more weight at the end of the bat, adding force to your swing. Using something weighted during practice will develop your muscles giving you a better swing during games.

Items needed:

  • Wood bat
  • Lead weights
  • Drill press
  • Vice
  • Hand drill
  • Leather gloves (optional)
  1. Decide if you are going to melt down the lead for your weight or simply place a solid piece of lead in the tip of the bat. It can be done either way, but many players prefer to melt it down. The lead core for your baseball bat will fit better that way and it will set more securely.
  2. Secure bat in vice. Drill out a hole in the tip of the baseball bat. Do this with the drill press for a more precise hole.
  3. Using a hand drill, drill two small holes into the inner sides of the hole you just drilled. This will allow the hot lead to flow into the holes, minimizing the chance of the lead coming out of the bat when you swing.
  4. Melt lead down. Pour into tip of baseball bat. Allow an inch or so for a wood tip to be glued in.
  5. Allow to cool completely. Cut a one inch circle to fit into the tip of the bat over the lead.
  6. Using wood glue or a strong epoxy to seal in the lead core. Allow your lead cored baseball bat to cure completely before using.


  • Using leather gloves will prevent accidental burns while working with hot metal.
  • Do not allow any children around the area you use to handle the lead as it is toxic and can lead to developmental delays or death.
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