How To Learn More About Sex

Running out of tricks and moves but still wondering how to learn more about sex? Short of looking at porno all day (please don't), there are few things besides experience that can teach you more about how to become a master of sex We've got you covered with these top ways to learn more about sex.

  1. Read a book. Through the aeons, men and women have written all sorts of treatises, how-to guides and exposés about the sensual experiences they shared in between fighting, farming and generally making a mess out of history. Books like "Kama Sutra," "The Joy of Sex" and other timeless classics are great resources on how to make your sexual experience more enjoyable, healthy and informed.
  2. Ask a friend. Sex is a group/couple activity, and if you're stuck in either of these types of unit, you ought to inquire with the other participants about new techniques and options. This is a great way to not only learn about sex, but understand how it relates to you personally, with specific focus on your previous performance. There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism.
  3. Seek professional help. Couples who attend sex therapy often find that they're not only better at pleasing each other, but that they can access a wide range of informative sex education resources they'd never even dreamed of before. Even for those on the solo path, regular therapists can often shed some insight into ways to expand one's sexual repertoire.
  4. Have more sex. Again, experience is the best way to learn; everything else is second hand information that must be interpreted and decoded before you can apply it to your own life. As you expand your sexual horizons, try new things based on your research, testing them for viability and enjoyment. Remember, learning is only half the battle, the other half is freaking nastily. Good luck!
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