How To Learn The Perfect Tennis Serve

If you want to improve your all-around tennis game, you're probably wondering how to learn the perfect tennis serve. Tennis serve and styles will vary from person to person. There is no such thing as a perfect tennis serve style. For your tennis serve to be perfect you will need to have good technique on your serve.

  1. Get a grip. You should use a certain type of grip for the perfect serve. The continental grip is the recommend grip for the perfect serve.  Players will always use a variation of the backhand grip on the serve.
  2. Starting stance. The starting stance is very important to mastering the perfect tennis serve. You will need to turn your body sideways to hit the perfect tennis serve. Your feet need to be apart and parallel to the net. You will need to shift your weight from the back feet to the front feet and a slow rocking motion. You may want to practice rocking without the racquet first to get use to the motion.
  3. Drop the racquet. As you begin to shift your weight from the back feet to the front feet you will need to drop your racquet to hit the perfect tennis serve. Drop your racquet from the starting position down towards the ground. From the ground position bring the racquet straight up towards the ski. At the same time toss the tennis ball into the air to hit the perfect tennis serve.
  4. Follow through. Make sure that your arm is completely extended upward and make direct contact with the ball in the center of the racquet. Be sure to keep your eyes on the tennis ball to hit the perfect serve. Now bring the racquet over and across your body. If you practice these tips you will have mastered the perfect tennis serve.
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