How To Learn Skateboard Tricks Fast

Mastering how to learn skateboard tricks fast can be accomplished by any novice skater. Some skaters fail at mastering tricks due to lack of proper form. This causes many skaters to give up before landing their first trick successfully. With the proper form and a few key steps any skater can master skateboard tricks fast and build a skateboard trick arsenal.

  1. Work on One Skateboard Trick at a Time. Many skaters try to hard to master a lot of tricks at one time. In order to learn tricks faster, skaters should learn one trick at a time. Working at a skateboard trick consistently for a period of time, as opposed to trying to master a group of tricks, helps skaters learn one particular trick in a shorter time span.
  2. Commit to Mastering a Skateboard Trick. Practice makes perfect with any endeavor and learning skateboard tricks fast is no different. Frustration may set in while trying to learn a trick, but in order to land a trick faster, skaters have to keep going in the face of frustration. Keep a log of how well you land a certain trick. Make note of how it feels when  you land the trick properly and repeat these steps. Additionally, make notes of how it feels when you land the trick poorly and avoid repeating these steps in additional attempts at landing the particular trick.
  3. Build Upon Multiple Skateboard Tricks. As you master one skateboard trick, proceed to master new ones. However, do not stop practicing the older tricks you have mastered as you can easily forget what steps it took to land the trick. If you spend an hour each day learning tricks, spend a percentage of time practicing older tricks. Dedicate a larger percentage of time mastering new tricks.

  4. Maintain Proper Form. Performing any skateboard trick involves a bit of physics and mechanics. Maintaining a certain form is necessary to completing tricks and learning new ones. Avoid becoming sloppy while performing tricks and complete them true to form in order to learn skateboard tricks fast.
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