How To Leave Someone You Love

Knowing how to leave someone you love is a hard thing to do. Whether you've lost the love in the relationship or you just don't feel like it's working out, it can be hard to approach this subject with the person you love. Below are many ways to leave your lover in the easiest, less argumental and hurtful ways possible.

  1. The best way to leave someone you love is to be honest and straightforward about why you have to go, although most people don't have the courage to do so. Fear is natural, but you have to explain why you have to end the relationship. Don't let fear stop you from pointing out these reasons. Suck it up and be straightforward.
  2. Show as much determination in front of your lover as possible when breaking up. Stay firm and keep your mind intact and focused. Try to refrain yourself from issuing insults and blaming people.
  3. Don't do those little shortcut methods. You know, those brief, non-understandable explanations of why you are breaking up. Your lover may start to get angry and the breakup could get a little heated. 
  4. Don't try to be nice, but don't let your lover vent her grief over you. Don't be arrogant either. Explain to your lover that breaking up is not an easy thing for either party and let her know that it will be easier to cope with later.
  5. Try to break up with your girlfriend in a public place, such as a park or store, that way you have an easy way to escape just in case she is not willing to let you go that easily. Just make sure you don't disrespect your lover by doing it in a public place where there are people you both know. That would be wrong on your part.
  6. If you have to, change your number or location so you and/or your lover will have less of a chance of coming in contact with each other. This is sometimes the best thing for lovers to do, especially if you want to prevent ending up in the relationship all over again.

Although hard to do and explain, these are the easiest and least cowardly ways to leave someone you love in a proper and respectful manner.

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