How To Leave Your Girlfriend

You are trying to learn about how to leave your girlfriend, that is not easy for anyone to do. There are going to be hurt feelings no matter how you do it. You can tell her to her face  if you have the guts. If she doesn't handle that kind of thing well at all, there is another way or two to tell her it's over and you are leaving.

  1. "Dear John" note. Nobody like to get one of these, but they are better than being left hanging. Very gently leave a note telling her that you are breaking up and leave it where she will definitely see it. This is one way to leave your girlfriend.
  2. Tough it out. Brave it. Have the courage to tell her yourself in a nice, gentle tone. When you do that, don't blame things on her, just be honest. If she is decent, you guys should come to an understanding of where your feelings are and, she'll be hurt, but eventually be ok about you leaving her. That's the honest and best way to leave your girlfriend.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Don't expect things to go well. That is part of why break ups and leaving your girlfriend is so difficult, especially if you do it face to face. You hope your girlfriend is going to be mostly okay about it and not freak out. Sometimes that is not the way it works out. Expect her do be upset, sad, and to not say the nicest things. She may even try to break some of your stuff or get her friends to do something mean to you. That is an immature way to handle it, but it happens.
  • Friends before, maybe friends after. If you are really lucky, you and your girlfriend were good friends before things went romantic. In that case a strong enough friendship might have been formed to make you still stay in good communication even after you leave your girlfriend.
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