How To Leave Your Wife

You’ve tried everything to make it work, but it’s just not, so you need to know how to leave your wife. Do these steps in order. Prepare first by securing your situation before you tell your wife that you’re leaving. It may take a few weeks or months to get ready before breaking the news.

  1. Get records of all the assets and liabilities you have as a couple. Make photocopies of the most recent statements for all accounts you and/or your wife own. Include assets like retirement savings, insurance policies, pensions, and bank accounts. Copy the latest liabilities like car loan statements, student loans, and the mortgage. Copy every document you can get your hands on. Use a flash drive to upload the contents of your computer hard drive.
  2. Find a lawyer who specializes in family and divorce law. Arrange a consultation with the attorney you’ve chosen. Take your documents along with a list of what records you have. Give an overview of your situation, and ask whether it would hurt your case to leave the house.  Ask the lawyer what your next move should be when you leave your wife, based on your unique situation.
  3. Open your own bank account in your name. Put money in it little by little. Keep a record of where you got the money you save. You will likely be required to explain where this money came from later. Save up enough to move out.
  4. Be direct when you tell your wife you’re leaving. Make it clear and simple. Be respectful of her feelings, and be prepared for her to flip out. Have an exit planned. Leave after you tell her.
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