How To Lesbian Kiss

It's time for you to get in touch with your feminine side and learn how to lesbian kiss. Actually, learning how to kiss like a lesbian is something that all guys should learn to do effectively. Why? Because lesbians are women. Who would know how to please a woman better than another woman? Girls know what girls like. So, lesbian kissing is in all actuality the proper way to kiss your girl. It's time to explore exactly what a lesbian kiss actually is. It's going to be tough. Grueling practice is ahead of you. But, it has to be done. Lesbian kissing is essential to pleasing your lady. Be a man about it and get going!

  1. Leave that man crap at the door. Too many times dudes use the wrong sources for sexual reference. Men tend to use porn as a teaching tool for almost everything sexual. And, well, it's just plain stupid. Have you ever sat back and watched most porn? With the exception of erotic porn for couples and lesbian porn, the rest of it is totally catered to male, animalistic fantasy. It doesn't focus on pleasing women. Yeah, the chicks will scream and moan in these visual disasters, but that's because they're getting paid to do so. In actuality, porn was made to please dudes, plain and simple. The sex is rough and uncompassionate, and so is the kissing. You're getting your education in the wrong place. If you want to learn how lesbians kiss, why not watch some lesbians kiss?
  2. Watch lesbian porn. It's still not the greatest teacher, but it's a start. These scenes will at least show the girls servicing each other equally. But, you're not here for that. Pay attention to how the lesbians kiss each other. See how they read each other. How each kiss is a complement to the one before. Watch how their tongues and lips dance. Jamming your tongue down a woman's throat is just stupid. But, so many dudes do it. It's amazing. No, watch how the girls do it.
  3. The hands-on approach. The only way to learn that lesbian kissing style is to find someone to kiss. Get your girlfriend over. Now, remember, you need to cater to the needs of the woman you're kissing. Complement her style. If she's aggressive, let her come after you. Then give her some aggressive moves of your own. If she's more of the shy type, then tease her. Come close without actually touching lips. Lure her out of her shell. It's all about giving her what she wants. And for goodness sakes, don't jam your tongue down her throat. Please, just don't do it. It'll ruin the mood and make you look like an ass.
  4. Try some tongue action. Yes, it needs to be mentioned. Most of you Casanovas out there just don't realize how sad your tongue game is. Kissing is a game of complements. So, it's natural to assume that tongue kissing is a matter of complementing her tongue's movements. It should feel like your tongues are dancing in rhythm with one another. If the rhythm is off, then you're messing up. Normally the man leads when dancing is involved, but not this time. The tongue kissing dance is all about letting her go and following her lead. If she doesn't seem to know how to use her tongue, then you can coach her. If, however, she's got her moves down, then you need to learn her style.
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