How Lesbians Have Sex

A lot of straight men are turned on by the thought of lesbians together, but some aren't sure just how lesbians have sex. Foreplay is a big part of sex for many lesbians. No penises are needed to kiss, to fondle breasts or to stimulate the clitoris. And while fingering a woman might be part of foreplay for a heterosexual couple, digital penetration, vaginal or anal, is one way that lesbians have sex. 

Just as with straight couples, oral sex can be a factor in how lesbians have sex. A woman can use her tongue just as well as a man can. One big benefit is that the recipient doesn't have to worry about getting "beard burn" on her sensitive inner thighs. All bodies are made different, and what turns one woman on, may do nothing for another. They have to work just as hard at learning to please their partner as men do.

Toys and other objects also play a role in how lesbians have sex. A woman might use a dildo or vibrator on, or in, her partner. She might even wear what is known as a strap-on dildo, in which she assumes the "male" role and penetrates her girlfriend. It's impossible to generalize and say how all lesbians have sex since there are as many ways for male-female couples to have sex. And since each couple is different, you can't make sweeping statements about their preferred methods.

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